About The Dentist on Main
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About The Dentist on Main

The Dentist on Main has established itself as a leading group of dental practices in Cape Town, having realised the benefit and reach of multiple practices along Cape Town’s busy Main Road, a concept borne by our founder, and head dental surgeon, Dr M.R. Kalan.


This concept, along with the high level of quality and affordable dental care, has made Dentist on Main a renowned and leading dental surgery, with many satisfied patients over the years.

  • Our Rondebosch dental surgery has provided over 15 years of quality dental treatment to people in the immediate vicinity and surrounding suburbs, with special focus on family dentistry.
    Students, teachers, learners, staff of the schools and teaching institutions and surrounding businesses have been frequent visitors to our practice.
    We have for years been able to attract patients from all the neighbouring suburbs.
  • The Observatory Dentist on Main practice, situated in St Peter’s Square Mall in the Main Road caters for families and students alike and staff from the adjacent Groote Schuur Hospital.
  • Kromboom Road Dentist on Main is the original founding surgery, which has recently been given a modern touch.
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Educating patients about proper and appropriate dental care is at the core of our practice philosophy. Prevention is what every patient is made familiar with. Many of the preventive protocols can be carried out at minimal costs to the patient with lasting long-term results.

Dr M.R. Kalan
Dr Kalan at his first Dentist on Main practice, c. 2013.

Dr Kalan has, along with his formal qualifications, strived to keep up to date in all fields of dentistry with formal and online courses.


He has a passion for learning and encourages all staff members to improve their skills.


He at the same time educates his patients by explaining in detail the problem on hand together with the options available for treatment.

Reading materials or the appropriate references will be given to the patients to make an informed decision for what has to be done.

The Dentist on Main therefore offers both all-round dental services and highly specialised and unique treatment plans for each of our patients, with focus on preventative dentistry, patient education and general oral care.


We believe in educating our patients about good oral hygiene practice so their visit to the dentist becomes a simple routine checkup every time, and in turn means a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.


Patients are encouraged to visit the dentist for a routine checkup at least every six months.

Dental Products

Dental Products

Integrated Oral Care (IOC): We are exclusive suppliers of our self-developed and highly specialised Integrated Oral Care (IOC) dental product line, which remains a staple on bathroom sinks around Cape Town.

Dental Technology

Dental Technology

We prefer a fully digital examination experience, with X-Ray machines feeding imagery directly to our dental rooms for deeper analysis, speed and accuracy.

Oral Care Services

Oral Care Services

Our service includes all major dental procedures including scaling and polishing, fillings, root canal therapy and even tooth extractions.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have a range of smile design options: veneers, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and tooth whitening. We work with some of Cape Town’s best technical dental labs.

Our Rondebosch Team

The Dentist on Main Dentist Rondebosch Team

Our Observatory Team

Dentist on Main Observatory Team